George Johnson - President Enamel Products

13405 Lake Shore Boulevard

George and Helen Johnson lived in Youngstown, Ohio, from 1910 to 1915, where George was secretary of the Garry Iron & Steel Company. They returned to Cleveland for George to become president of the Enamel Products Company at Eddy Road and Taft Avenue.

Helen Burgess Johnson, a member of a pioneer family, was born on December 14, 1885, in Cleveland to Howard and Alice Burgess. She received her education at Miss Miltenberger’s School at 1020 Prospect Avenue and East 40th Street and went on to attend Rye Seminary in Rye, New York.

She was a past regent of the Daughters of the American Revolution, a member of the National Society of New England Women, Le Cercle des Conferences des Francaises, the Nineteenth Century Club, and the Junior League.

Helen married George Johnson on October 18, 1909. They had four children: Mary Alice born on February 21, 1911, Helen Burgess (Hosler) born on October 20, 1912, George Clark Jr. born on April 14, 1916, and Joan (Fewsmith) born on September 6, 1917. All attended Bratenahl School.

George Clark Johnson was born on October 12, 1881, in Cleveland to George and May Johnson. He was educated at University School and went on to attend the Sheffield Scientific School at Yale University.

George was appointed in 1942 to serve the remaining council term of Brigham Britton, who entered the U.S. Army in 1942. He served 12 years until he resigned in 1954.

George was also a director of Bowler & Burdick Company. Social memberships included Castalia Trout, The Country, and Union clubs.

George died in 1968. Helen died on March 25, 1974, at her Bratenahl home and buried alongside George in Lake View Cemetery.