Village Leaders

Dedicated public servants and committed civic leaders who gave remarkable service to the Village of  Bratenahl.


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Britton, Brigham, and Gertrude

Davis, James - Led Periods of Growth

Dempsey II, John - Bratenahl Place Developer

Foote, Edward - Fourth Mayor

Garfield, Abram - Architect

Garfield, Edward - Sixth Mayor

Goff, Frederick - Lawyer, Banker, & Civic Leader

Grant, Richard - Third Mayor

Grossman, Louis - Developed Structuring Method

Hogg, John - Fifth Mayor

Holden, Liberty - First Mayor

Ireland, Robert L. Sr. - Second Mayor

Klein, William - Ninth Mayor

Mackenzie, Clara Childs - Village Leader & Activist

McKeon, Richard - Tenth Mayor

Neff, Clifford - First Clerk of Village and School

Norweb, Henry Jr. - Seventh Mayor

Roediger, Stanley - Councilman for 32 years