Residents List

Bratenahl populace that made Bratenahl Village a vibrant community.

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Alexander, Rob - Cleveland Trust Bank

Allen, Kenneth - Adams Bag Co.

Andrews, Matthew and Mabel Shields

Arnold, Melvin - Eaton Corporation

Backus, Russell - Mechanical Engineer

Baldwin, Arthur - Attorney

Ball, Frederick J. - Security Federal Savings

Ball, Frederick L. - Park Drop Forge

Banker, John - Private Investor

Bellamy, Paul - Plain Dealer Editor

Berger, Samuel & Vera

Bole, Benjamin and Roberta

Britton, Charles - Britton-Gardner Printing

Bulkley, Charles - Real Estate Investor

Burwell, William - Brush Development

Cameron, Donald - Lake County Hospital

Cardon, Samuel - Rand Development

Carleton, Charles - Mills-Carleton Co.

Chisholm, Alvah - American Steel and Wire

Clay, Oliver - Venture Capitalist

Coe, Ralph - Cleveland City Forge

Corlett, John - Steel Manufacturers Rep

Corning, Henry - Standard Sewing Machine

Cottingham, Walter - Sherwin-Williams

Cushing, Edward Harvey - Surgeon General

Cushing, Melanie

Dalton, Henry - Pickands, Mather & Company

Dangler, Frank - Dangler Stove Company

Dempsey, Bourne - Baker Hostetler

Dempsey, Ernest - Squire Sanders & Dempsey

Dempsey, John - Squire Sanders & Dempsey

Donnelly, John - Canning, Cody, Donnelly

Dornback, David - Dornback Furnace

Dornback, William - Dornback Furnace

Dunn, George - Standard Oil of Ohio

Feldesman, Abraham - Investment Advisor

Ferris, James - Corrigan McKinney Steel Co.

Fiebach, Albert - Fiebach, Hauser & DiLeone

Ford, George - Sherwin-Williams

Fuerst, Norman - State Representative & Judge

Fuller, Horace - Bourne-Fuller & Co.

Gilbert, Gary Dee - Radio Personality

Goff, William - Clark Manufacturing Co.

Gottschalt, David - Central National Bank

Graor, Robert - Doctor and Embezzler

Grasselli, Edward - Grasselli Chemical Co.

Green, Wanda - Educator

Greenough, Emery Holden

Greenough, Peter - The Plain Dealer

Harvey, Allyn - Pittsburgh Steamship

Hakanson, Elarka - Miss Ohio 1925-1926

Hakanson, Richard - Forensic Photographer

Hallaran, Dr. William - Cardiac Specialist

Hamilton, Richard - Baker & Hostetler

Hanna Jr., Howard - M. A. Hanna Co.


Hickok, Charles - Hanna Ore Mining

Hickok, Robert - Hickok Inc.

Hitchcock, Meacham - Industrial Leasing

Hitchcock, Rueben - Attorney and Businessman

Hodgson, George - Cleveland Worsted Mills

Holden, Albert - Mining & Smelting Trust

Holden, Gertrude

Holden, Guerdon - The Plain Dealer

Holden, L. Dean - The Plain Dealer

Hom, Paul - Caterer and Importer

Hosler, Robert - University Hospitals

Howell, Thomas - General Chemical Co.

Ingalls, Albert - New York Central Railroad

Ireland-Harvey, Kate

Ireland, James D. Sr. - M. A. Hanna Co.

Ireland, James D. Jr. - Peerless Eagle Coal Co.

Irish, William - Scientist, Inventor, Writer

Irish, Charles F. Sr. - Arborist

Johnson, George - Enamel Products

Landis, George - Penton Publishing

Large, Secord - Medical Pioneer

Leathem, Barclay - Theater Education Pioneer

Lelyveld, Arthur - Fairmont Temple

Loeser, Nathan - Hahn Loeser & Parks

Malaga, Bob - Cleveland's Mr. Tennis

Martin, George - Sherwin-Williams

McKhann, Charles - Western Reserve University

McMurray, Max - M. A. Hanna Co.

Morse, Jay - Pickands Mather

Moss, Florence Marks

Pickands, Jay - Pickands Mather

Pirtle, Clairborne - Electric Controller & Mfg.

Pratt, Charles - Cleveland City Parks Board

Price, John & Connie - Musicarnival

Rees, Henry - Physician

Richmond, Henrietta Kaufman

Robinson, H. Caves & Cynthia

Root, Frederick - Root McBride Company

Ruben, Alan & Betty - Cleveland State University

Scholl, James - Building Contractor

Sheffield, Henry - Attorney & Investor

Sikora, Peter - Juvenile Court Judge

Silver, Abraham - Temple-Tifereth

Silver, Eugena, and Francis

Smith, Ken - Diamond Alkali

Smith, William - Pattison Supply

Southern, Jean - Village Clerk

Strong, Charles - Taylor Dept. Store

Thoburn, Theodore - Investment Banker

Turnbull, J. Gordon - Civil Engineer

Voinovich, Josephine

Waterworth, Joshua - U.S. Commissioner

Williams, Edward - Sherwin-Williams