Recollections of Shirley Jones (Hunter)

8th Grade Class of 1938

“Memorable Moments”

I go along with Jack Hanson’s memories about Marjorie Hilkert, our music appreciation with Zoe Long Fouts, and Walter Damrousch (?) and his classical music over the airwaves. Those first, second, and third grade teachers who put us through the paces with our orchestra, book reports, and plays. I especially remember Thanksgiving and the Pilgrims and the Indians, but  don’t remember who played which.

As for the orchestra, I started first grade with bells and finally moved up to the triangle. All of the girls had a crush on our baton-waving leader, Lewis Ball, he with the Dutch boy haircut, short pants and knee-socks.

I have a very vague memory of a sewing class. When was that? A one-day-a-week teacher. Seems that I made a pair of pajamas. The art teacher – Was there a Mrs. [Gertrude] Roberts? (Probably Mrs. [Frances] Barre. Miss Roberts taught fourth grade.) Well, we did learn lovey writing from her and she was the one who encouraged me to do more art.

I guess I’ve been fortunate, and my early years at Bratenahl School gave me the foundation for whatever I have to offer.

[Shirley Jones Hunter was born on October 19, 1923.  Her father was Russell Jones.  While attending the Bratenahl School, Shirley lived at 13804 Lake Shore Boulevard, graduating with the class of 1938.]