Melanie Cushing

9619 Lake Shore Boulevard "Breezy Bluff"

Melanie Harvey Cushing was active in civic and charitable affairs in Cleveland. On May 3, 1943, She presented a gift to the Society of Collectors, a black and white cameo, signed by Lugia Saulinni, who carved it in 1842. The cameo had been given to Mrs. Cushing by members of the Dunham family

Melanie Harvey Cushing was born in historic Dunham Tavern on February 13, 1870, the daughter of Edward and Martha Williams Harvey.

Melanie had been in love with Edward F. (Ned) Cushing from a young girl. Melanie and Ned eventually married on June 9, 1897, in Cleveland. They had one son, Edward Harvey "Pat" Cushing, born on March 17, 1898.

Ned was the third generation of Cushing men who were physicians. He was born on January 24, 1862, in Cleveland to Henry Kirke and Elizabeth Williams Cushing. He received his academic degree at Cornell in 1883 and then went on to Harvard, receiving his M.D. in 1888. He was named professor of obstetrics and pediatrics at Western Reserve University School of Medicine and head of pediatric services at Lakeside Hospital in 1894.

After the turn of the century, the city of Cleveland had no practicing pediatricians and an appallingly high infant mortality rate. To do something about that, Ned directed the establishment of a children’s ward at Lakeside Hospital in 1906. He selected the Babies’ Dispensary and Hospital staff, the first facility in the region to care exclusively for children.

Ned died prematurely of inoperable cancer of the rectum on March 23, 1911, at age 48. He was buried in Lake View Cemetery.

Melanie traveled widely, principally to the East coast, visiting her son and her widowed sister-in-law. In addition, she made annual visits to Europe until World War II. Her collection of crystal paperweights grew with each trip and filled the solarium of her home.

Melanie never remarried and lived quietly for several years because of failing health. Then, on February 4, 1945, she died less than a day after Sarah Garfield, her second cousin and former classmate at Miss Porter’s School in Farmington, Connecticut.

Her only son, Captain Edward H. (Pat) Cushing, and one granddaughter survived her.  The bulk of her estate went to her son, Pat. She was buried alongside Ned in Lake View Cemetery.