Staff and Administration

Kathryn M. Bean Blossom Harrison, Teacher and School Superintendent

Kathryn M.  Bean Blossom Harrison
Kathryn M. Bean Blossom Harrison

Kathryn M. Bean Blossom was born in 1888, the daughter of Thomas A. and Ida Bean Blossom.  On October 2, 1908, the Bratenahl School Board employed her as a teacher in the Primary Department of the Bratenahl School.  She taught grammar to the students.  She taught at the Bratenahl School for the next three years.

In the Spring of 1911, when H. A. Redfield announced that he was leaving his position as School Superintendent, School Board representatives consulted with Bean Blossom to learn if she was interested in the position.  She agreed.  On May 5, 1911, Kathryn Bean Blossom was employed as the second Bratenahl School Superintendent and Principal.  She held the office for two years, through the completion of the 1912-1913 School Year.  She was succeeded by Sara Bair.

Kathryn Bean Blossom gave up her employment as superintendent because she was soon to be married.  On September 23, 1913, Kathryn married Howard H. Harrison of Athens, Michigan.  Shortly after their marriage, the Harrisons moved to Jasper, Alabama.  No additional information on Kathryn Bean Blossom Harrison is currently available regarding her life after she left Bratenahl.