Charles Hickok - Vice President of Hanna Ore Mining Company

12505 Coit Road

Charles Hickok became manager of iron ore sales for the M. A. Hanna Company. He was vice-president and director of American Boston Mining Company, Consumers Ore Company, LaRue Mining Company, Richmond Iron Company, Virginia Ore Mining Company, Wakefield Iron Company, Virginia Ore Mining Company, Wakefield Iron Company, Wanlianabe Company, and American Construction Company. He was vice-president of Hanna Ore Mining Company, XoKay Iron Company, and Pittsburgh Iron Ore Company and a director of Bates Iron Company, LaBelle Steamship Company, and Virginia Steamship Company.

Hickok was also a member of the American Iron and Steel Institute, Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers, Eastern States Blast Furnace and Coal Oven Association, Southern Ohio Pig Iron Association.

Charles Nelson Hickok was born on August 1, 1879, in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, the son of William and Louisa Hickok. Charles was educated at Harrisburg Academy from 1890 to 1894, then on to St. Paul’s School in Concord, New Hampshire from 1894 to 1897, and graduating from Sheffield Scientific School at Yale University in 1900.

He was a four-term Bratenahl councilman from 1920 through 1939, treasurer of the Red Cross Cleveland Branch, and served on various home committees during World War I.

He was a member of Phi Epsilon Fraternity, Booli & Snake Fraternity at Yale and Cloister at Yale. Locally he belonged to The Country, Pepper Pike, Kirtland Country, Tavern, and Union clubs plus the University Club of Chicago, Duquesne Club of Pittsburgh, Kitchl Gammi Club of Duluth and the Yale Club of New York City.

Charles died on September 11, 1945, and buried in Harrisburg Cemetery in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.