Abraham Feldesman - Investment Advisor

12611 Lake Shore Boulevard

Abraham Feldesman was born on May 24, 1937, in the Romanian province of Bessarabia, the son of Aaron and Reizel Feldesman. To strengthen Soviet frontiers following World War II, the Red Army sent his father to a labor concentration camp in Siberia because he was both Romanian and Jewish.

Young Feldesman and his mother did not fare much better. Gathering what little money they had left, they fled to Bucharest, living with despair and fear. His father returned from Siberia in 1946. As foes of Communism, the family began to plot an escape. The creation of the State of Israel in 1948 seemed to give them their chance.

It took three years to get clearance to emigrate. Sailing from Romania to Israel on the Black Sea, they arrived in Haifa in 1951, possessing very little money.

In 1955, Abraham was recruited into the Israeli Air Force, serving until 1958. After his release, he went to work for El Al Israel Airlines. Abraham married Carmela Shvedsky on January 9, 1963, and attended Hebrew University from 1963 to 1965, earning a Bachelor of Administration degree. He returned to El Al, receiving intensive training to become a junior executive.

Feldesman became disenchanted with El Al and came to the United States. He took a teaching job at the University of Akron. Carmela returned to Israel to give birth to their daughter, Shirley Sonya. He took a job as a portfolio manager for Westfield Insurance Company in 1969. His mother and daughter returned to Akron but did not stay long. The couple divorced with Carmela and Sonya going back to live in Israel.

Abraham received a master’s degree in international finance from the University of Akron in 1975. It was that same year he started his own business becoming president and treasurer of AFA Finance. He bought the home in Bratenahl to have a place to bring clients and talk over investments in the right atmosphere.

Abraham remarried to Iris Lavy in September 1983. He was a Governor Member of Dyke College and a member of the endowment fund committee of the Jewish Community Federation. Memberships included the Cleveland Society of Security Analysts, Finance Analyst Federation, Midwest Pension Conference, Mayfield Racquet Club, and Akron City Club.

Abraham Feldesman died on April 26, 2008.