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13625 Lake Shore Boulevard

Plat No. 631-10-002
Sublot 2 in the W. H. Osborn Subdivision

This home is listed in the Ohio Historic Inventory

13625 Lake Shore Boulevard
13625 Lake Shore Boulevard

John D. Rockefeller acquired the property from William and Mary Osborn on August 7, 1874.

Abeyton Realty Company acquired the property on April 30, 1909.

Charles and Elizabeth Cole acquired the property on October 22, 1910.

The Coles built this flat-roofed 3,300 square-foot home designed by architects John Elliott in 1920.

The architectural firm of Knox & Elliott was active in Cleveland from 1893-1925. After William Knox died in 1915, the firm continued under John Elliot until 1925. The firm’s work consisted predominantly of commercial and industrial buildings, apartments, and some churches and private residences.

Flat roofs covered with tar and gravel were not typical, but they costed less than than a gabled roof and cause much less trouble. The architect felt that it was a matter of proportion to make the house as attractive as any other.

The original design of the Cole residence was to be three stories in height. Rooms for servants, with a bath, were finished on the upper floor. The house was of tile and stucco, in pure white, with concrete columns for the porch. The finished house had four bedrooms and 3-½ bathrooms. The property included a completely furnished beach house and swimming pool.

Knox and Elliott designed the home to face the east, with the north end toward the lake. A central hall extended from front to back of the first floor and entered from the small front porch. The living room occupied the entire north end of the first floor. To the left of the hall was the dining room, opening through French doors extending across the south end of the house. The kitchen and service rooms were in the rear of the dining room. The second floor contained five bedrooms.

Clarence and Esther Wood acquired the home on March 28, 1938. Clarence died six months after becoming the eighth Mayor of Bratenahl in January 1958.

John and J. L. Adam acquired the home on July 7, 1959.

Jacki Horn acquired the home on October 5, 1971.

Gerald and JoAnna Kurland acquired the home on March 1, 1972.

Gary Dee Gilbert and Liz Richards acquired the home on October 8, 1976.

Thomas and Edith Valore acquired the home on August 5, 1981.

Thomas and Claudia Valore acquired the home on December 6, 1986.