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12819 Lake Shore Boulevard "Montrath"

Plat No. 631-09-004
Eastern half of sublot 3 in the Stackpole and Osborn Subdivision

The home is listed in the Ohio Historic Inventory

12819 Lake Shore Boulevard "Montrath"
12819 Lake Shore Boulevard "Montrath"

Henry and Lizzie Parsons acquired the property from J. Turing and Annie Brooks on November 13, 1891

James and Emma Dempsey acquired the property on September 23, 1902. They had purchased additional parcels south of Lake Shore Boulevard from Joseph and Maria Parks on May 28, 1901. The Dempseys spent summers in a farmhouse before building the 4,100 square-foot “Montrath,” a 1.8-acre lakefront home named for Dempsey’s ancestral village in Ireland. The house had five bedrooms and three bathrooms.

John B. Dempsey and Ernest Dempsey received the property from Union Trust, trustee for the estate of James Dempsey, on June 13, 1921. Earnest and John subdivided their father’s eight-acre lakefront property allowing each brother to establish a home. Horses were kept in a barn on the south side of Lake Shore Boulevard in the summer and then to Kirtland Club in the winter. That stopped during the Depression.

Ernest and Gertrude Dempsey received the western half of subplot four and the eastern half of subplot three from his brother, John, on February 5, 1929. Earnest added to the original house just before World War II including a room over the back porch, with a bathroom, that connected to another room.

Ernest Dempsey conveyed the property to a trust with Andrew Dempsey, James H. Dempsey Jr., and Diana Tremco as trustees.

Andrew and Hope Dempsey acquired the home from the trust on May 24, 1972. Andrew built a garage.

Charles and Karen Bauernschmidt acquired the home on August 27, 1987.