Dr. Secord Large - Medical Practice Pioneer

170 Eddy Road

Dr. Secord Large had a national reputation specialty in ear, nose, and throat disease and as a medical practice pioneer. For many years, Dr. Large was on the staff of St. Vincent Charity Hospital and, for much of that time, was head of the ear, nose, and throat department. Formerly his office was in the Rose Building, but he had offices in the Hanna Building in later years.

Secord Herbert Large was born on February 11, 1871, in Kincardine, Ontario, Canada. He was the son of Reverend Richard W. Large, a Methodist minister, and Martha Jane Large. After several years of practice in Canada, he spent two years at clinics in Vienna, Austria. Dr. Large came to Cleveland in 1904. Some years later, he made a second trip to Europe for further studies in ear, nose, and throat techniques.

Secord married Helen Burgess Ranney on April 10, 1907. She was a member of the Woman's Club of St. Vincent Charity Hospital, whose medical staff Secord served. She was active in women's groups doing work for the Red Cross. Secord and Helen had four children: Helen Ranney, born in 1908; Henry Ranney, born in 1910; Mary Cunningham, born in 1912; and Secord Herbert Jr., born in 1916. The two sons became doctors. Secord Jr. practiced in Cleveland, and Henry was on the staff of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

Dr. Large was a member of the Ohio State Medical Association. He held membership in the Cleveland Academy of Medicine, the Cleveland Otolaryngological Club, and the Pasteur Club.

Social memberships included Country, Kirtland, Mayfield, Little Mountain, and Union clubs. He was an accomplished golfer and member of the Country Club golf team in the Interclub championships during the 1920s.

Helen died at her home on July 4, 1942, after an illness of less than a month. Dr. Large retired from active practice the same year. On March 9, 1949, he died in Charity Hospital after being a patient there for three weeks. Both Secord and Helen were buried in Lake View Cemetery.