Staff and Administration

School Superintendents of the Bratenahl Local School District

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H. A. REDFIELD (1906-1911)

On August 17, 1906, H.A. Redfield was hired by the Bratenahl School Board to serve as the first Superintendent of the new Bratenahl Local School District at a compensation of $500 per year.  Redfield had previously served as Superintendent of the Nottingham School District.   The Bratenahl School opened for classes during his tenure as Superintendent.


On May 5, 1911, Kathryn Bean Blossom was selected to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of H.A. Redfield as Superintendent.   Bean Blossom was hired as a grammar teacher at the Bratenahl School in October 1908.  She taught in the primary department of the elementary school until assuming her duties as Superintendent.

SARA BAIR (1913-1948)

Sara Bair became Superintendent in July 1913 after Kathryn Bean Blossom married and moved to Alabama.  Bair was hired as a teacher at the Bratenahl School in August 1909.  She would continue to hold the post of Superintendent for the next 35 years, the longest-serving of any Bratenahl School Superintendent.


Marjorie Warburton Thoburn assumed the post of Superintendent upon the retirement of Sara Bair during the summer of 1948.  The former Marjorie Hilkert, she was a graduate of Ohio State University and McGill University in Montreal and taught at the Bratenahl School prior to her marriage in 1939.  Returning to Bratenahl to serve as superintendent after her first husband's death, she served in that position for twelve years.

MARY R. MOUNTS (1956-1968)

Mary R. Mounts, former dean of girls at Tiltonsville High school in Jefferson County, became Superintendent in September 1956. She had joined the teaching staff at the Bratenahl School in 1955.  Mounts held a master’s degree in education from the University of Pittsburg.

JERRIS K. MILLER (1968-1970)

Jerris K. Miller became Bratenahl School Superintendent in 1968.  He held two master’s degrees, one in music from Butler University and another in education from the University of Michigan.  He also held a graduate degree as an education specialist and a doctorate in education administration, both from the University of Michigan. Miller helped manage the successful integration of the Bratenahl School and headed the development of individualized learning in the school curriculum.  He resigned in 1970, in part, over the decision to litigate to block the Bratenahl School's merger with the Cleveland School District.

CHRIS T. JELEPIS (1970-1972)

The Bratenahl School Board entered into a two-year contract with Chris Jelepis to replace Jerris K. Miller as Superintendent of the school system, with a term commencing July 1, 1970.  Jelepis earned a master’s degree in Education Administration from Case Western Reserve University and a PhD in Education Administration from the University of Akron.   Bratenahl High School opened for classes in three buildings at the U.S. Nike site while Jelepis was superintendent.  In June 1972, Jelepis announced that he was resigning as superintendent in order to head the Upper Chichester school district in a suburb of Philadelphia.

PAUL J. WALLACE (1972-1981)

Paul J. Wallace served as superintendent of the Wickliffe school district from 1968 to 1971. He obtained an undergraduate degree from Baldwin-Wallace College and a Masters Degree from Case Western Reserve University. While serving as Superintendent of the Bratenahl school district, Wallace would complete his doctoral studies in education at the University of Akron.   During Wallace’s tenure as Superintendent, the Bratenahl High School opened for classes at 11404 Lake Shore Boulevard.  He oversaw the eventual merger of the Bratenahl Local School District with the Cleveland School District.