Samuel and Vera Berger

277 Bratenahl Road (East 105th Street)

Vera Grossman was born on December 15, 1892, to Louis and Lillian Grossman. She grew up at 10519 Lakeshore Boulevard and attended Bratenahl School.

Vera married Samuel Berger on December 15, 1921. They had three children: Peter, born on January 29, 1923; Barbara, born on June 10, 1925; and Sally (Strack), born on July 4, 1927. All three children attended Bratenahl School.

Samuel Berger was born in Hungary on April 14, 1884, the son of Samuel and Rose (Goodman) Berger. He received a medical degree from Western Reserve University in 1904 and became an internist, visiting physician, and chief of the Medical Department of outpatient service to Mount Sinai hospital.

Dr. Berger was a member of the Medical Advisory board and chairman of the clinical and pathological section of the Cleveland Academy of Medicine in 1924.

He was a member of the Cleveland Academy of Medicine, Ohio State Medical Association, and American College of Physicians. Samuel was also a vice president of the Guardian Trust Company.

Social memberships included the Alpha Omega Alpha fraternity and the Excelsior club.

Samuel died September 19, 1956, and Vera died January 15, 1971. Both are buried in Mayfield Cemetery.