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Robert Livingston Ireland: Founder, First Village Council and Second Mayor

11801 Lake Shore Boulevard
Robert Livingston Ireland Sr., Bratenahl, Ohio
Robert Livingston Ireland Sr.

Robert Livingston Ireland Sr. helped lead the drive to have Glenville on the Lake become a separate municipality.  He was elected to the first Bratenahl Village Council in December 1904 with fifty-eight votes for and none against. He served in that capacity for seven years.

He was elected to become the second mayor of Bratenahl in November 1911 replacing Liberty Holden who served for seven years. He served as mayor for eight years from 1912 through 1919.

Increased industrialization polluted the air and made the quality of life in Cleveland ever more questionable. More of Cleveland's wealthy living in the city looked farther out from the center of the city and the charm of Bratenahl grew.

World War I dominated Ireland's term as major starting in 1914. With his leadership, the whole village contributed to the war effort.

A total of 319 trains containing 138,000 men heading off to fight in World War I stopped at the Glenville station on East 105th Street. The village hall and the Arrison Shotwell house were filled with 28 sewing machines used as a center for sewing 193,541 surgical dressings, 12,159 garments, and 5,064 knitted articles.

Ladies of Bratenahl served 19,375 gallons of coffee, 48,000 sandwiches, 1,725 cartons of cigarettes and 211 large boxes of cookies. Villagers donated 16,400 pies, 11,040 donuts, 19,360 gallons of iced drinks and 15 barrels of apples at a canteen set up at the Village hall. Candy, postcards, magazines and playing cards were given to all men.

Eight hospital trains were met. Breakfast was served to one train of 250 men and luncheon served to one train of 350 men.

The war had temporarily halted some of the homebuilding, however building began to return in earnest

Robert Ireland was born on August 20, 1867, to John and Adelia (Duane) Ireland in Stratford, Connecticut. He received a bachelor of arts degree from Yale in 1890. Robert came from New York to Cleveland in 1892.

Robert married Kate Hanna, on May 2, 1894. They had two children, Robert Livingston Ireland, Jr. “Liv” born on February 2, 1895, and Elizabeth (Poe) born on October 30, 1898.

Robert’s business career included the Hackney Bicycle Co., Globe Iron Works, Ship Owners Dry Dock Co., and Cleveland Dry Dock Co. He was instrumental in the consolidation of the shipbuilding interests of the Great Lakes, the organization being known as the American Ship Building Co. and was vice president until 1903. He became a partner with M. A. Hanna Company on January 1, 1904.

Other business interests included being on the advisory board of The Citizens Savings & Trust Co. and the Cleveland Trust Co.

He sold his interests in the M. A. Hanna Company and his other business interests to retire on August 20, 1917, at age 51. Robert was a member of the Athletic, Country, Gentleman’s Driving, Hunt, Mayfield, Roadside, Tavern and Union Clubs and University and Yale Club of New York City.

Robert moved to New York City and he and Kate divorced in 1918. He remarried to Mary Ester Wood on April 1, 1920, at the home of friends in Palm Beach, Florida. Kate remarried to Perry Williams Harvey on February 12, 1923.

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