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Richard Grant - Third Mayor of Bratenahl

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Richard F. Grant
Richard F. Grant

Richard Grant was elected as the third mayor of Bratenahl in 1919 replacing Robert Ireland. He served for eight years from 1920 through 1927. Grant had previously served six years as marshal of the village.

Prohibition, the nationwide constitutional ban on the production, importation, transportation, and sale of alcoholic beverages dominated Grant’s tenure as mayor. Rumrunners found a safe harbor for deliveries from Canada to Dugway Brook, only steps away from the Country Club bar. Life in Bratenahl proceeded with minimal upset. Residents enjoyed a heyday of opulence.

Grant came into national prominence in 1924 when he was elected president of the Chamber of Commerce of the United States. He served as president of the Cleveland chamber the year before he was elected.

From 1905 until 1909 he practiced law in Duluth, Minnesota and then joined the M. A. Hanna Co., as general counsel. Before coming to Cleveland, he served one term in the Minnesota state legislature.

Grant was vice president of the M. A. Hanna Co, since its incorporation in 1923 and for six years preceding, he was a partner in the firm. From 1923 to 1928 he had been president of the Susquehanna Collieries Co. In 1928, Grant moved to New York City were as the president of the Lehigh Valley Coal Corporation directed the affairs of the company. He was later asked where would he choose to live if he could live anywhere. His answer, “Cleveland, because my friends are there and they are necessary for my happiness.”

Richard Frank Grant was born in Owatonna, Minnesota on December 1, 1879, the son of Frank and Mary Grant. He received a Ph.B. from Yale in 1899, and an LLB from New York Law School in 1901.

Grant was a member of the Cuyahoga County Republican executive committee. He was also a member of the national war finance committee of the American Red Cross and served as chairman of the membership and finance drives for Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky in 1917.

He was president of the Union Club and also affiliated with Chagrin Valley, Kirtland, and Tavern clubs.

Elsie died in 1935. Richard died on May 26, 1957.