Recollections of Jack Hanson

8th Grade Class of 1940

“Memorable Moments”

Congrats to Marjorie Hilkert – How often she stood in front of our class, helping us read the French Beginners Booklet entitled “Madame Sous” (Mrs. Mouse). Jessie McKee playing her harmonica in the classroom to help us get that “right” tune. Zoe Long Fouts practicing wonderful melodies on her piano down in her basement classroom, a room with huge photos of composers and instruments on the walls. Her pinz-nez glasses and perfectly groomed upswept yellow hair, holding up her hand and asking us to sing out the word”balloo-oo-oo” on that very high note that only she could reach. Once in a lifetime experience.

Selma Sandberg lining up her class at the door to leave the room, and firmly telling us, “Class may stand, class is ready, class may pass.” We would then file out for our next class. Discipline!

Dancing in a circle in the first grade to the tune of “Country Gardens” with Edna Aldredge playing the piano. Miss Sandberg scolding me. Miss Julia Miller with those colorful silk scarfs always draped around her neck. No foul words, no violence, no rude behavior at Bratenahl School. Just a wonderful place to receive the finest grade school education that ever existed. Our teachers? The finest group of dedicated teachers ever to be assembled, thanks in large measure to Sara Bair. We are all so fortunate to have attended Bratenahl School, a once in a lifetime experience. And best of all, what wonderful memories we will always have until we pass on.

[Jack Hanson was born on November 4, 1924 to A. Ellis and Mary Hanson.  His father was a landscape architect. While attending the Bratenahl School, Jack lived at 10622 Lake Shore Boulevard. He attended all eight grades at the school, graduating with the class of 1940.]