Recollections of Donald Upton Noblett

8th Grade Class of 1940

“Memorable Moments”

I moved to Bratenahl in January 1937, during the middle of 5th grade. We lived at 10303 Burton Avenue, right behind the school. I rolled out our back door, through a hole in the fence into the girls' playground until the addition was put on the school during my final year.

Memories of the Bratenahl School:  Certainly, the fine background of each teacher and all they taught us; many hours of research in encyclopedias, almanacs, etc. which went into answering Miss Schafer’s questions; doing problems in math for Miss [Sara] Bair, conjugating verbs and analyzing sentences for Miss [Selma] Sandberg. There was also the learning of French. I still have and end table made in Mr. [Cleo] Digby’s class in the spring of 1940. Yes, the preparation we received was excellent.

Memories of Boy Scout Troop 301: My Dad, Ralph Noblett, was the first Scoutmaster. I was part of the first troop that was installed. We were brought in as Tenderfoot scouts in December 1939 by Troop 35, which met at Cleveland Heights High School. The Scoutmaster of Troop 35 was a friend of our family. I also worked at his Summer Camp for five years.

Troop 301 was a strong unit. We collected papers all over Bratenahl and stored them in a garage behind Village Hall before we recycled them. We also collected aluminum. The village provided trucks for us. Ed Shaner became the Scoutmaster after my Dad.

We participated in several rallies at the old Cleveland Arena. We were the first troop to camp at the new reservation in eastern Ohio before becoming a full scout camp. I believe it was located at Rock Creek, Ohio.

My folks moved from Bratenahl in 1945, but we retained many of our Burton Avenue friends.

[Donald Noblett was born on October 13, 1926 to Ralph and Florence Noblett.  His father was a nurse. While attending the Bratenahl School, Donald lived at 10303 Burton Avenue. He graduated with the class of 1940.]