Homes Past

8907 Lake Shore Boulevard

Plat Nos. 631-01-001, 631-01-012, 631-01-013, 631-01-014 and 631-01-015
Sublot 8 in the Bratenahl Allotment
8907 LSB Fairbanks, Bratenahl, Ohio Home

Abel and Mary Fairbanks purchased the 15.52-acre subplot 8 from Mary Bratenahl on December 16, 1870. They were perhaps the first family to buy a sizeable property in the area that they had no interest in farming

Fairbanks razed the home and replaced it with a new home. The property was located north of Salisbury Avenue (Holden Lane), continuing to Lake Erie. The west side of the property was Bratenahl Lane (East 88th Street).

The Fairbanks home was demolished around 1890 to build Liberty Holden’s Loch Hame.