Tragic Happenings

Marie Ogrinc - Shot During Home Breakin

12016 Lake Shore Boulevard

Tragedy struck the Ogrinc family on January 12, 1972. Robbers forced their way into their 12016 Lake Shore Boulevard home, posing as Cleveland Press circulation salesmen. After being told to leave the house, one of the robbers shot Marie, five months pregnant. She survived, but the baby never had a chance. Two males, ages 20 and 16, were later arrested.

Marie Ogrinc was a member of one of the most prominent families in Cleveland’s Slovenian-American social and cultural circles. Her father was Frank L. Grdina, manager of Grdina & Sons Funeral Home that primarily served the Yugoslav immigrant community.

Marie was married to Dr. Lawrence Bernard Ogrinc, an internist at St. Vincent Charity Hospital with offices in Cleveland’s Slovene settlement at 6414 St. Clair Avenue in Cleveland.

The Ogrinc’s saw their home as an ideal setting for their growing family of four children with a fifth on the way. There were nine children: Mary Lourdes, Anton, Francis, Marie (Stehli), Joseph, Lawrence Jr., Madonna, Maryjo (Starrett), and Gregory.