Tragic Happenings

Explosion at Marble & Shattuck Chair Co.

10200 Foster Avenue

On March 9, 1934, three men were seriously burned by an explosion in the wood dust collection pipe at Marble & Shattuck Chair Co., 10200 Foster Avenue in Bratenahl.

Flame leaped from the pipe openings behind two sanding machines. The clothing of machine operators Salvatore Parrise and Anthony Palermo caught fire. Both men ran, screaming with pain, toward the elevator. Erin Reed, working nearby, attempted to put out the flames and fire caught his clothing. Other employees got fire extinguishers and were less seriously burned while putting out the fire. Three men were in critical condition at Glenville Hospital.

Company officials reported to the Bratenahl Police that the explosion, which did no other damage, seemed to have occurred in the furnace and backed up through the wood dust collection pipe.

Salvatore Parrise died five days later in the Emergency Clinic Hospital from the burns be received. Anthony Palermo and the other workman who attempted to put out the flames eventually recovered from their burns.