Lieutenant is Bitten in Battle At Station

Reprinted from The Cleveland Plain Dealer, Thursday, June 10, 1915

Prisoner Also Demolishes Furniture at Bratenahl Police Headquarters

Before being overpowered by four Bratenahl police and three employees of the Bratenahl road department, John Arcon, 50, of Cleveland, yesterday afternoon bit one of the hands of Lieutenant of Police, Patrick Clarke, so badly that the wound had to be cauterized. Arcon also demolished some of the furniture In Bratenahl police headquarters.

Arcon was taken to the station early in the afternoon by Patrolman William Joyce. The man was wandering in a dazed condition of Lake Shore Boulevard, near Gordon Park. Arcon, while in the station, grew violent and attacked Clarke and Desk Officer Farrel English.

The battle lasted ten minutes before Patrolmen Francis Clarke and John Keene, plus William Ruckene, Frank Imhoff, and William Khoen of the road department, came to the rescue. Arcon was put in a straitjacket. Cleveland’s eleventh precinct police refused to send an emergency wagon, and Hogan’s Glenville ambulance was called. Probate Judge Alexander Hadden ordered Arcon to City Hospital for observation.