Staff and Administration

Jerris K. Miller, School Superintendent

Jerris Kile Miller was born on June 13, 1932 in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania and was graduated from Ithaca College in New York.  He earned two master’s degrees, one in music at Butler University and a doctorate in education administration from the University of Michigan. He also held a graduate degree as an education specialist and a doctorate in education administration, both from the University of Michigan.

Jerris Miller taught in schools in Indiana and Michigan before being named Superintendent of the Bratenahl School System in 1968.  He held the position of superintendent and principal of the Bratenahl School for two years during an eventful period in the school's history.

In June 1968, the State Board of Education ordered the Bratenahl school system to merge with the Cleveland School District on July 1, 1970, provided it immediately integrate its school system.  The voluntary integration of the Bratenahl School system was achieved by September 1968, in part, through Miller’s leadership and guidance.  At the same time, Miller implemented an individualized learning program as part of the school curriculum.

In March 1970, when it became clear that the Bratenahl School Board would bring suit to stop merger with the Cleveland School District, Jerris Miller resigned as superintendent effective at the end of the school year.  He believed strongly that litigation was not the answer.  In a letter to a school board member announcing his intention to resign, Miller wrote:

“Our efforts should be directed toward working out the smoothest possible merger with Cleveland in order to preserve the excellent program, race relations, and good will which has existed for the last twenty months.  The course of action which has been proposed would submit Bratenahl (and Glenville) children to unnecessary anxiety and would force them into an unhealthy school situation.  Such a school system would not be accredited or recognized by anyone.  You are playing with the lives and future of your children.”

After leaving the Bratenahl school system, Miller was hired by the Shaker Heights School District as principal of Mercer Elementary School and, later, at Malvern Elementary School.  After a dozen years of teaching in Shaker Heights, Miller returned to teaching music.  He and his wife, Jean E. Faylor Miller, lived in Euclid, Ohio, for 32 years.

Jerris K. Miller died on September 27, 2001 at the age of 69.  He is buried at Mentor Municipal Cemetery in Mentor, Ohio.