James Scholl - Building Contractor

13625 Lake Shore Boulevard
James Scholl 1961
James Scholl 1961

James Scholl was a vice president of the Bratenahl Board of Education in the 1930s and a Bratenahl Village Council member from 1960 to 1961.

James Scholl was born on July 12, 1895, in Norwalk, Ohio, to Robert and Cora May Scholl. His family moved to Collinwood when he was six years old, where he attended Lakeview Elementary School. A terrible event occurred when James was a pupil during the disastrous fire in 1908. He escaped but could not save his brother, Edward, who perished along with 173 others. Their father, Robert, brought about the gardens’ dedication at the site as a permanent memorial to all those who lost their lives in that tragic fire.

Robert Scholl started the Scholl Construction Company in 1900. In 1913, he completed the house across Lake Shore Boulevard from the 13525 Lake Shore Boulevard home, and the family moved in that year.

After graduation from East Technical High School, James attended Ohio State University for one year. In 1916, he joined the National Guard, and he was sent to the Mexican border to fight Pancho Villa. Later he was sent to France as a member of the 134th Field Artillery.

Returning home in 1919, his sister introduced him to her friend Nadine Miller. The two married on September 16, 1922.

He finished his education by getting an engineering degree at Fenn College (Cleveland State University).

James took over his father’s company, Scholl Construction, and built single and two-family homes in Collinwood and Euclid. The family business was disbanded during World War II, but he continued to work for other builders.

In 1950, Scholl was chairman of the Labor League for Senator Robert Taft, who ran in the 1952 presidential primary. The family was very proud when he appeared on a telecast of a Taft rally. Scholl kept up a lively interest in politics and was elected to Bratenahl Village Council in 1959 and served one two-year term. He was defeated in runs for council in 1961 and 1963.

Scholl was on the board of directors of Custodians Savings & Loan on Waterloo Road. He was an active member of the American Legion, Carpenters Local 105, and a 32nd degree Mason.

Mr. Scholl organized the Cleveland Skeet Club in Solon, where the first national skeet matches in the United States were held. People came from all over the country, including movie star Robert Stack. Mae West and Clark Gable presented the trophies. The club was disbanded during World War II when ammunition was in short supply.

As a Buckeye Retriever Club member, Scholl enjoyed training his two black labrador Retrievers from puppies and later entering field trials.

James Scholl died at his home on August 2, 1982, after suffering a stroke and is buried in Milan Cemetery in Milan, Ohio. He was survived by a daughter, Henrietta Louise (Hankins).