James D. Ireland Sr. - Partner of M. A. Hanna Company

12521 Lake Shore Boulevard
James Duane Ireland
James Duane Ireland

James Ireland became engaged in leasing and making examinations of mines on his account for about two years. While in the southwest United States, he joined the staff of the M. A. Hanna Company as a mining engineer. On April 15, 1909, he was appointed general manager of their ore department, headquartered in Duluth, Minnesota. He later became a partner in the firm and was located in Cleveland.

James Duane Ireland Sr. was born on September 18, 1878, in New York City. He was the youngest of seven children of John and Adelia Duane Ireland and the brother of Robert Livingston Ireland Sr. who lived at 11801 Lake Shore Boulevard.

James attended St. Paul School in Concord, New Hampshire, and attended Yale University’s Sheffield Scientific School, where he studied mechanical engineering. He spent the summer of 1900 with the U.S. Forestry Survey in Washington D.C. He then entered the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, receiving a B.S. degree in mechanical engineering, and was given his B.S. degree in mining engineering, graduating at the head of his class in 1903.

James married Elizabeth Clark Ring on January 8, 1913, in Saginaw, Michigan. Elizabeth was thirteen years younger, born on April 3, 1891, in Saginaw to Clark and Lizzie Ring. She received her education at Miss Masters School in Dobbs Ferry, New York. They had one living son, James Duane Ireland, Jr., born on December 1, 1913. The Irelands lost all their other babies to an infant blood disorder. James attended Bratenahl School.

Elizabeth was active with Rainbow Hospital; St. Barnabas Guild for Nurses, both locally and nationally; St. Agnes Guild of Trinity Cathedral,

James was a member of the American Institute of Mining Engineers, the Lake Superior Institute of Mining Engineers, and the Episcopal Church.

Social memberships included The Country, Kirtland, and Union clubs.

James Ireland died of cancer on December 6, 1921, in Cleveland at age 41 and buried in Lake View Cemetery.

Elizabeth remarried on May 18, 1929, to William G. Mather, a bachelor who lived next door.