Early Settlers

Henry & Mary Coit

12003 Lake Shore Boulevard
Henry Coit, Bratenahl, Ohio Resident
Henry Coit

Henry H. Coit was born June 17, 1791, to Daniel Lathrup and Elizabeth Coit of Norwich, Connecticut.

Henry married Mary Breed, who was born May 20, 1795, also in Norwich, Connecticut. Mary was known to have rare intelligence and devoted to her family and friends. Henry and Mary had five children: Charles B. born on October 14, 1820, William H. born on March 30, 1823, Elizabeth (Kirby) born on March 28, 1827, Maria (Kirby) born on July 27, 1830, and Mary (Holmes) born on July 15, 1839.

Henry’s father acquired Connecticut Land Company Lands in the whole township of Liverpool, Medina County, 1,000 acres in Euclid (now East Cleveland), and about 1,000 acres in Lorain County. As an agent for his father, Coit came to Liverpool in about 1814. At the time, there were only seven families in the township. He established a salt works, a country store, and cleared a large farm, all of which he sold in about 1828.

Henry then came to Euclid Village and began to improve a 1,000-acre tract for a farm near what is presently the intersection of Euclid Avenue and Coit Road.

The family took possession of a 264-acre property upon the death of Henry’s father in 1833. They established a home called The Beeches on a site on the lake bounded on the east by Nine Mile Brook, Shaw Brook on the West, and the Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railroad on the south.

Henry took special pride and pleasure in extending the courtesies of his mansion and beautiful grounds to his friends.

Mary died on March 18, 1856, at her home. Henry died in Newark, New Jersey, while on a visit to his daughter on October 15, 1870. Henry was returned to East Cleveland Township to be buried alongside Mary in East Cleveland Township Cemetery.