Edgar Hahn - Partner of Hahn Loeser & Parks

10200 Lake Shore Boulevard
Edgar Aaron Hahn
Edgar Aaron Hahn

Edgar Hahn, along with Nathan Loeser,  joined the law firm of Mooney, Hahn, Loeser & Keough as a senior partner in 1920. Hahn possessed an appreciation of the relationship between banking and society and played a significant role in untangling the confusion produced by the Bank Holiday of 1933.

In 1986, Hahn, Loeser, Freedheim, Dean & Wellman, joined with Parks, Eisele, Bates & Wilsman to form Hahn Loeser & Parks with approximately 65 lawyers becoming Cleveland’s 8th largest law firm.

Edgar Aaron Hahn was born on November 4, 1882, in Cleveland to Aaron and Therese Hahn. He earned a law degree from Western Reserve University in 1903 and did postgraduate work at Columbia University. He was admitted to the bar in 1904 and started practicing law with his father. Hahn was elected to the commission responsible for forming Cleveland’s home-rule charter under a new state constitution in 1912.

In 1910, Edgar married Irene Moss, the sister of Beatrice Moss Loeser, who lived next door at 10214 Lake Shore Boulevard. Irene was born on February 7, 1884, in St. Louis, Missouri. Edgar and Irene had two daughters: Alice (Goodman) born on January 13, 1913, and Katherine (Bercovici), born on February 20, 1916. Both attended Bratenahl School, followed by Hathaway Brown School.

Hahn was a founder and original trustee of the Northern Ohio Opera Association in 1927 and helped assure Cleveland would be a stop on the Metropolitan Opera’s annual spring tour. As vice-chairman of the Musical Arts Association, Hahn helped initiate the tradition of summer concerts by the Cleveland Orchestra in 1938. In 1959, he was appointed a trustee of the Cleveland Museum of Art and was chiefly responsible for its acquisition of several beautiful 18th-century paintings. Hahn also served as treasurer and trustee of the Louis D. Beaumont Foundation. In April 1964, Hahn was presented the Cleveland Medal for Public Service by the Cleveland Chamber of Commerce. In 1967, he was selected Senior Citizen of the Year.

Hahn was elected director of National City Bank in 1921.

He was a meticulous collector of rare books.

Irene died on September 25, 1939, in Bratenahl. Edgar died on July 16, 1970 and buried alongside Irene in Mayfield Cemetery.