Claibrone Pirtle - President Electric Controller & Manufacturing

298 Corning Drive

Claiborne Pirtle was born on December 4, 1874, in Louisville, Kentucky, to John Barbee and Mary Belle Pirtle. He married Mary Agatha Stamm in 1908. Mary was born on November 14, 1876, in Aurora, Indiana.

Claiborne was a founder and president of the Electric Controller & Manufacturing Company that eventually merged with the Square D Company.

Mary was an active supporter of the Red Cross Community Fund and other civic organizations. She aided deserving young people to obtain college educations and helping them through preparatory schools.

Claiborne died on July 25, 1924, at age 50. Mary Pirtle died 33 years later on July 3, 1957, and buried alongside Claiborne in Cave Hill Cemetery in Louisville, Kentucky.

There was no surviving kin in the estate of Mary Pirtleas. Beneficiaries, each willed a third of the estate, were Case Institute of Technology, the Cleveland Institute of Music, and the Musical Arts Association, the parent body of the Cleveland Orchestra. The common stock of the Square D Company made up much of the estate. Other money grants included for each employee in her service for more than a year before her death.