Charles Pratt - Chief Engineer of Cleveland City Parks Board

10322 Lake Shore Boulevard

Charles Pratt came to Cleveland in 1893 and in 1894 became Chief Engineer of the Cleveland City Parks Board until his retirement in 1902. Pratt had technical supervision of all the construction work done on the public park system of Cleveland. He was the designer of the original “Group Plan” that was recommended by the Cleveland Chamber of Commerce in 1902.

Pratt was elected to the first Bratenahl Village Council and resigned in 1906 after serving just one full year.  He served as road commissioner and engineer for the village.

Around 1900, Platt was hired to layout Ambler Heights, 25 acres south of what is now North Park Boulevard, for marketing to an upscale clientele. He laid out a neighborhood with wide, gently-curving streets. Lots were generous and irregularly shaped to accommodate natural features.

Charles Wheeler Pratt was born in 1865 in Nashua, New Hampshire. Early education was in Boston public schools, followed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Upon graduation, in 1881, he entered the office of E.W. Bowditch in Boston that was engaged in waterworks and sewer construction until 1891.

Charles married Mary Fredricka Bailey in 1902.