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Brazilian President Stay at Eaton House

President Joao Figueiredo
President Joao Figueiredo

Brazilian President Joao Baptista de Oliveira Figueiredo had double bypass heart surgery at the Cleveland Clinic on July 15, 1983. He was moved from his hospital suite to the Eaton House at 282 Corning Drive in Bratenahl on the following Sunday. Dr. William Sheldon, head clinic cardiologist, said they wanted Figueiredo to remain there for three to four weeks.

With him at the Eaton House was his wife, Dulce, his brother and sister-in-law, and security people and servants. In addition, a cook who normally worked for a Brazilian diplomat was imported from Washington, D.C. to add a little spice to Figueiredo’s low-cholesterol diet.

Videotapes of Brazilian newscasts were flown in so Figueiredo could keep up with events in Brazil. He also received copies of four major Brazilian newspapers and videotapes of soccer games.

João Baptista de Oliveira Figueiredo was born on January 15, 1980 in Rio de Janeiro. One of the planners of the 1964 coup d'état that established twenty-one years of military rule. He was last in the succession of five officers chosen by the armed forces to govern Brazil as presidents. His military career culminated with his appointment as chief of the national intelligence service.

He took office in 1979. Heart trouble caused him to reduce his leadership in Brazil’s democratization, but he kept opponents in check. In 1985, he was succeeded in office by the first civilian president since 1964. Figueiredo died on December 24, 1999.