Memories of Bratenahl in the 1970s

Recollections of Michael Hodges

Michael Hodges, 11th Grade Class of 1981

Memories: Playing flute solo for my eighth-grade graduation. Playing tug of war at Hiram House Camp. Almost impaling Bob Rothrock [12th Grade Class of 1980] with a ski pole at Alpine Valley in the winter of 1979. Art classes with Miss Friedman. Playing four square and dodge ball at recess.

[Michael Hodges was the son of Lew and Elizabeth Hodges.    While attending the Bratenahl School, Michael lived at 10404 Brighton Road.  Ronald attended the Bratenahl School from 4th Grade to 8th Grade, graduation with the Class of 1978.  Michael attended Bratenahl High School from 9th Grade to 11th Grade, when the high school closed in 1981.]