Early Settlers

Arrison and Mary Shotwell

411 Bratenahl Road - Village Hall

Arrison Shotwell was born on October 19, 1812, in Pennsylvania to Hugh and Rosetta Arrison Shotwell. He married Mary Dickerson, who was born in 1815. They had six children: Elizabeth born 1836, Victoria (Gooding) born December 10, 1839, Adoniram Judson born 1842, John born 1845, Austin born August 28, 1848, and Fremont born August 5, 1856.

A special election was held at Shotwell’s former homestead on December 13, 1904, to select Bratenahl’s first governmental officials. There were 58 votes cast for the slate of officers with none opposed. The home became the Village Hall.

Arrison died on June 25, 1893. Mary died on November 30, 1894, and buried alongside Arrison in Lakeview Cemetery.