Homes Past

9717 Lake Shore Boulevard "Springbank"

Sublot 6 in the James H. Salisbury Allotment

Samuel and Harriet Williamson built a summer home named Springbank, on 4.44 acres acquired from the State of Connecticut on March 22, 1877. This 5,900 square-foot home had 7 bedrooms and 5-½ bathrooms. Their city home was located at 3609 Euclid Avenue.

Walter and Gertrude Cottingham acquired Springbank as their summer home from Williamson’s daughter, Mary, on March 29, 1912. Their city home was located at 3112 Euclid Avenue purchased from Henry Wick in 1906.

Glenn L. Martin Co. acquired the home around 1917 after a group of Cleveland industrialists lured Glenn Martin to Cleveland. They offered him a 70,000 square-foot plant at 16800 St. Clair Avenue in Collinwood to test his products from an airfield behind the plant.

John and Bessie Malone acquired the home from the Glenn L. Martin Co. on June 1, 1931.

Rob and Gertrude Alexander acquired the home on December 3, 1932. They rented out the home for almost twenty years.

Title Guarantee & Trust acquired the home on December 31, 1963. Having deemed the property unsalvageable, the home was demolished in September 1964.

An 18-unit complex was designed for the site with a central piazza cantilevered dramatically over the lake. The design was abandoned as an engineering nightmare.

Richard Fleischman and Helen F. Moss acquired the property on November 16, 1990. The property became part of the Breezy Bluff development consisting of three homes at 9719, 9721, and 9725 Springbank Lane.