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7 Hanna Court (11515 Lake Shore Boulevard)

Plat No. 631-07-049
7 Hanna Court - Hanna Carriage House
7 Hanna Court - Hanna Carriage House

This was the carriage house for the Hanna Mansion, 12 West Hanna Lane. Although the home included living quarters for the house staff, an 8,200 square-foot stable and carriage house was also constructed in 1910 about 100 feet from Lake Shore Boulevard. The two-story, C-shaped, brick building with stone trim is visually dominated by a steeply pitched hipped roof in a multicolor slate that flares to the eave brackets. The many small dormers matched the roof details punctuated by several chimneys and two large, octagonal, copper cupolas.

Three of the living units had two floors, and the remaining two groups were second-floor units. The caretaker’s suite included a basement. The first and second floors consisted of a kitchen, living room, three bedrooms, bath, and attic space. The finish was painted plaster, walls and ceilings, wood floors, and natural and enamel trim. The living room had a fireplace.

The second-floor suites were similar and consisted of a kitchen, living room, three bedrooms, bath, and hallway. Remaining two-floor suites consisted of living room, dining room, kitchen and utility room, bathroom, three bedrooms, and hall. Finish varied throughout and was generally painted plaster and enamel trim. Floors were mostly wood with asphalt tile or linoleum in the kitchens and baths.

The remaining first-floor area was mostly open space used for storage, work areas, and garages. Floors were concrete, walls and ceilings were wood, and the washroom had glazed tile walls. A private garage was on the west side of the building and had a gasoline pump. Along the south side was a small concrete, block, and wood constructed greenhouse which had hot and cold water and steam piping.

The building became a separate residence in 1989, with the address changing to 7 Hanna Court.

Walter Maxim, who started as a gardener and caretaker shortly after the home was built, continued to maintain the home year-round. His responsibilities included a dairy barn, a boathouse, and a swimming pool. Also included were a variety of domestic animals plus the children’s zebra. Maxim worked on the estate for over fifty years and managed to put three children through graduate school. Walter died on March 31, 1964, at age 85.

Robert Graor acquired the staff building on October 1, 1993, from Newport North Shore Development.

Judd and Donna Hambrick acquired the home on January 24, 1997.

John and Janice Borkey acquired the home on December 22, 1999.