Homes Past

9913 Lake Shore Boulevard (501 East 88th Street)

Plat No. 631-01-011
Sublots 1 and 2 in the Salisbury Allotment
9913 Lake Shore Boulevard
9913 Lake Shore Boulevard

Fredericka Baily Ferris acquired the property from Cleveland Trust on May 1, 1916. A home was built in a clump of trees near the edge of the Memorial Shoreway.

Benjamin and Roberta Bole settled into a two-story frame house located on East 88th Street, with the railroad being the southern border about 1918. Roberta's father, Liberty Holden, acquired the property, including a frame garage with a kennel and greenhouse, from James Salisbury

The garage and kennel were razed in 1941 to make way for the extension of the Lakeland Freeway.

William and Mary Wartman acquired the home on September 11, 1946.

Harwell and Margaret Howell acquired the home on November 27, 1946.

Peter and Jane Greenough acquired the home on August 15, 1947. Peter was Roberta Bole’s nephew and the son of Emery Holden Greenough, who was the daughter of Liberty Holden.

The United States Government acquired the property on October 17, 1956, for use as the Nike Missile Site. There were two fires involved in the razing of the house.