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17 East Hanna Lane (11801 Lake Shore Boulevard)

Plat No. 631-07-004
17 East Hanna Lane - Ireland Carriage House
17 East Hanna Lane - Ireland Carriage House

The 11,500 square-foot gatehouse and stable for the Ireland manor at 11801 Lake Shore Boulevard was designed by Abram Garfield and was built in 1908. It was built directly on the street. The two-story, U-shape, Tudor style, brick building had a symmetrical façade with a low wall flanking a central arched opening. The architectural detailing includes stone trim, narrow, double-hung windows, hipped roof dormers, and slate roofs. The interior courtyard was paved in brick with several arched bays. The home is listed in the Ohio Historic Inventory.

Brigham and Gertrude Britton moved to the restored the gatehouse/staff building in 1948 from their longtime home at 10316 Brighton Road.

Karl Beckwith Britton, Brigham’s half-brother, is listed in the “Cleveland Blue Book 1948” as living in the home. Karl died in 1949.

Newport North Shore Development LLC (Domo Corp General Partner) acquired the property on December 9, 1992, from the estate of Gertrude Haskell Britton. The home became part of the 75-acre Newport Harbor development with a new address of 17 East Hanna Lane.

11801 Properties LLC acquired the home on February 17, 1993.

11801 Partners acquired the home on April 28, 1993.

Brian Garson acquired the home on January 31, 2001.

Eric Beck and Alexander Venizelos acquired the home on March 16, 2018.