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12521 Lake Shore Boulevard

Plat No. 631-10-104
Sublont 9 in the W. H. Osborn Subdivision
13211 Lake Shore Boulevard
13211 Lake Shore Boulevard

Charles and Julia Selzer acquired the property from C. Loomis on November 6, 1889, and built a 4,300 square-foot single-family home on 2.7 acres with three bedrooms and three full bathrooms, and one-half bathroom built.

Charles was born November 18, 1855, to Daniel and Sophia Selzer. He was educated in private schools. He married Julia Born on October 18, 1878. They had two children: Julia Born and Mrs. Charles Stone. Charles was a member of Country, Hunt, Kirtland, Roadside, Tavern, and Union Clubs.

Dr. Charles and Gertrude Stone acquired the home on March 15, 1923.

Paul and Mary Bellamy acquired the home on February 21, 1940. Bellamys had a winter home at Jupiter Island Club in Hobe Sound, Florida.

John Ginn acquired the home on May 8, 1967.

Robert and Bonnie Broida acquired the home on November 1, 1971.

David Rahal acquired the home on October 11, 1885.

Robert and Abigail Ruhlman acquired the home on April 3, 1995.