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13003 Lake Shore Boulevard "Three Gables"

Plat No. 631-09-007
Sublot 6 in the Stackpole and Osborn Subdivision

The home is listed in the Ohio Historical Inventory

13003 Lake Shore Boulevard
13003 Lake Shore Boulevard

Henry and Lizzie Parsons acquired the property from J. Touring and Annie Brooks on October 23, 1891.

Henry E. Sheffield and his mother, Laura Barnett Sheffield, acquired subplots five and six in the Stackpole & Osborn Subdivision on May 23, 1911, and engaged Meade & Hamilton to design an 8,500 square-foot Georgian home completed in 1924.

The partnership of Meade & Hamilton coincided with the “golden age” of the suburban home that came in the years immediately before and after the First World War. After three years with Alfred Granger and six years with Abram Garfield, Frank Meade formed a partnership with James Hamilton in 1911 that was to last for thirty years.

Frank B. Meade was born in Norwalk, Ohio. He studied in Boston and worked as a draftsman in the office of William LeBaron Jenney in Chicago. In 1911 Meade succeeded John Carrere as a member of the Cleveland Group Plan Commission.

Meade & Hamilton designed six additional Bratenahl residences: the Corning home at 281 Corning, the Bulkley home at 282 Corning, the Haysmar Complex at 10221 Lake Shore, the Strong home at 10494 Lake Shore, the Coe home at 13303 Lake Shore and the Johnson home at 13405 Lake Shore.

The Sheffield home had 20 rooms plus eight basement rooms. Sleeping rooms used by the help were quite small compared to the grander scale of the owners’ quarters. There was one full bathroom and one half-bath shared by the servants, versus five full baths and one powder room for the owners. The home featured 12-foot ceilings, massive 38-inch doorways framed in triple and quadruple moldings, marble-faced fireplaces and parquet floors.

Forty-year-old Henry and his seventy-one-year-old widowed mother lived in the home during the spring and fall. They spent winters in Santa Barbara, California, and summers on their island off the coast of Maine.

Joseph and Margaret Bilton acquired the home on December 28, 1951.

William and Ute Reid acquired the home on August 10, 1964.

Raymond and Natalie Feldman acquired the home on July 15, 1968.

Paul and Linda Novosel acquired the home Feldman on April 26, 1999.

DLI Bratenahl LLC acquired the home on March 30, 2007.