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12304 Coit Road "Badby"

Plat No. 631-22-009
11495 Lake Shore Blvd
11495 Lake Shore Blvd

Frederick and Mary Root acquired a six-acre property from Charles Coit on November 4, 1897, located at 11495 Lake Shore Boulevard on Lake Erie, 200 yards east of Eddy Road and West of the Hanna Home. Alfred Hoyt Granger was commissioned to design a Shingle-style home. The Roots named the home “Badby” after a village in the county of Northamptonshire, England.

The home was designed by Alfred Hoyt Granger specifically as a summer dwelling with fifteen rooms plus the servant’s quarters. This was a replication of the eastern seaboard summer homes that used the shingle style. The entrance hall was large and welcoming. The huge living room, with its beautiful fireplace, and the dining room were handsome and beautifully proportioned. There were seven fireplaces throughout the home. Unlike most houses built in the era, Badby contained a lot of closet and storage space.

Howard Hanna Jr. acquired “Badby” on May 17, 1905, following the death of Mary Root thereby completing the assembly of his thirteen acres to eventually build his personal home.

12304 Coit Road
12304 Coit Road

Thomas and Alice Howell purchased land at 12304 Coit Road on July 6, 1903, from Lake Shore Realty Company. They later purchased the home only from Howard Hanna on December 4, 1906, and moved it to its current location at 12304 Coit Road.

The fifteen-room Newport shingle summer home they purchased was laboriously moved across The Country Club golf course by using horses, mules, log rollers and greased timbers.

Although there is no written record of how the move was engineered, it was noted that during the process of the move, alterations were made to the interior and exterior of the house. The house may have been split into two sections along its present east/west axis to move it and then reconnected at its destination.

The architectural firm of Walker and Weeks designed the addition of a Doric four-column porch to the original Alfred Hoyt Granger designed home. The home is listed in the Ohio Historic Inventory.

A barn was built at about the time the house was relocated. The barn housed a tack room plus three stalls and sufficient room for carriages and buggies. Feed and hay were stored in the loft. The stableman, and in later years the gardener, lived in the tack room.

Herbert Noll acquired the home from the estate of Thomas Howell on April 25, 1943.

Clarence and Laura Swackhamer acquired the home on October 25, 1949.

Edward and Caroline Tupta acquired the home on October 16, 1970.

R. Garin and Gail Wiss acquired the home on July 23, 1976.

Leo and Libby Ward acquired the home on December 5, 1986.

Brenda Wilson (Brownrigg) acquired the home on September 16, 1998.

Michael and Areli Jeans acquired the home on November 6, 2017.