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10400 Brighton Road

Plat No. 631-15-014
Sublot 9 in the Haldeman & Patton Allotment
10400 Brighton Road
10400 Brighton Road

Maud Reichard acquired the lot from James Patton on August 12, 1912.

Allport Building & Land Co. acquired the lot on August 23, 1912.

Russell and Daisy Backus acquired the lot on September 5, 1913, and built a 2,300 square-foot single-family home on 10,300 square feet of land in 1920 with four bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Sidney and Jessie Andorn acquired the home on November 14, 1945.

George and Alice Johnson Jr. acquired the home on July 5, 1946.

Rose Ward acquired the home on July 27, 1951.

Alfonsas and Ona Mikulskis acquired the home on April 5, 1955.

Edward Charlebois acquired the home on November 24, 1987.

Derek Young acquired the home on June 23, 1989.