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10221, 10229, 10309 and 10311 Lake Shore Boulevard "Haysmar"

Plat Nos. 631-03-004, 631-02-005, 631-03-006 and 631-03-007
Sublots 9, 10, and 11 in the L. Haldeman Allotment

The Haysmar complex is listed in the Ohio Historic Inventory.

Kaufman Hays, the most influential Jewish Clevelander of his day, commissioned the architectural firm of Meade & Hamilton to design an estate of four homes for his three married daughters and a granddaughter.

The partnership of Meade & Hamilton coincided with the “golden age” of the suburban home that came in the years immediately before and after the First World War. After three years with Alfred Granger and six years with Abram Garfield, Frank Meade formed a partnership with James Hamilton in 1911 that was to last for thirty years.

Frank B. Meade was born in Norwalk, Ohio. He studied in Boston and worked as a draftsman in the office of William LeBaron Jenney in Chicago. In 1911 Meade succeeded John Carrere as a member of the Cleveland Group Plan Commission.

There were six additional Bratenahl residences designed by Meade & Hamilton: the Corning home at 281 Corning, the Bulkley home at 282 Corning, the Strong home at 10494 Lake Shore, the Sheffield home at 13003 Lake Shore, the Coe home at 13303 Lake Shore, and the Johnson home at 13405 Lake Shore.

The Haysmar houses and grounds were fully completed in 1913.  The name “Haysmar” was derived from the surnames of Hays and Martin Marks, who lived at 10229 Lake Shore Boulevard.

10221 Lake Shore Boulevard
10221 Lake Shore Boulevard

Kaufman Hays’ daughter, Henrietta (Nettie) Richmond, acquired 10221 Lake Shore Boulevard, the westernmost home in the complex on January 11, 1912. She was a young widow and lived there with her son George Richman who ultimately became president of the Richman Brothers Company.

George Richman and his sister Elizabeth Bry received the property on October 18, 1934.

William and Amelia Dornback Sr. acquired the home on October 18, 1934. Among the many additions, the Dornbacks made was a two-story boathouse and dock.

William and Loretta Dornback acquired the home on October 2, 1953.

Kenneth Dornback acquired the home on February 7, 1975.

Barry Olson acquired the home on November 2, 1976

James and Bianca Weber acquired the home on November 10, 1977.

Robert Alberhasky purchased the home on April 29, 1994.

10229 Lake Shore Boulevard
10229 Lake Shore Boulevard

Kaufman Hays lived at 10229 Lake Shore Boulevard, the second house east, along with Isabelle (Belle) and Martin Marks, who acquired the home on January 11, 1912. Belle was Kaufman's oldest daughter.

Ethel and Herbert Dryfoos acquired the home on May 5, 1915, following the death of Ethel’s father, Martin.

Ethel Kingsbacher and Florence Moss received the property on September 8, 1938, from the estate of Belle Marks. Ethel then transferred the property to Florence on September 10, 1938.

Norman and Margaret Siegel acquired the home from Florence Moss on December 15, 1939. Margaret grew up at 10305 Lake Shore Boulevard.

Eliot Ness, Cleveland safety director, rented the house in 1945.

Rabbi Arthur and Toby Lelyveld occupied the home in 1958.

Charles and Linda Britton acquired the home from Margaret Siegel on December 2, 1963, along with the Moss home at 10305 Lake Shore Boulevard.

John R. Wilson acquired the home on July 10, 1964.

Sander and Donna Schwartz acquired the home on October 14, 1979.

10305 Lake Shore Boulevard
10305 Lake Shore Boulevard

Florence and Herman Moss acquired 10305 Lake Shore Boulevard, adjoining to the Marks home, on January 11, 1912. The house was connected to the Marks home by sunrooms on the first and second floors. Florence was the granddaughter of Kaufman Hays.

Margaret Siegel took possession of the home on April 18, 1963, following the death of her father.

Charles and Linda Britton acquired. The home from Margaret Siegel on December 2, 1963, along with Mark’s home at 10229 Lake Shore Boulevard. Linda Britton said she loved the house, as it was so well planned and constructed and was well suited for the “helpless” lifestyle.

Daniel D. Kane acquired the home on November 1, 1979

Peter Karis acquired the home on December 31, 1991.

Edwin Nicholas acquired the home on December 18, 1995.

Merrill Lynch acquired the home on December 19, 2007

Alan Feinstein and Maryann McGlenn acquired the home on February 16, 2010.

Dr. Patrick Brannac, a trustee, acquired the home on November 3, 2017.

10311 Lake Shore Boulevard
10311 Lake Shore Boulevard

Francis and Rabbi Moses Gries acquired 10311 Lake Shore Boulevard, the eastern end of the four-house compound, on January 11, 1912. Francis was the daughter of Kaufman Hays.

Rabbi Abraham and Virginia Silver next occupied the home.

William and Eva McDermott acquired the home on November 27, 1939.

William Dornback acquired the home in on April 1, 1960

Kenneth J. Dornback acquired the home around on February 7, 1975.

George and Josephine Stecz acquired the home on February 17, 1977.

Charles and Sheila Frishe acquired the home on June 11, 1980. The Frische's moved to 10032 Lake Shore Boulevard in 1987.

Philip Paul and Susan Rothman acquired the home on January 27, 1987.