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10024 Lake Shore Boulevard

Plat No. 631-15-031 and 631-15-032
10024 Lake Shore Boulevard
10024 Lake Shore Boulevard

William S. and Caroline Goff acquired pasture land on the south side of Lake Shore Boulevard from Cleveland Trust on August 2, 1924, that had formerly been part of the Frederick Goff estate at 9929 Lake Shore Boulevard. They built a new 3,100 square-foot Stick Victorian home. The stick style refers to large straight pieces of wood siding designating floor levels.

The charming gabled and turreted home, eclectic in design, showed a little French and a little English influence. A living room, dining room, sunroom, and kitchen occupied the first floor. Four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and two maids’ rooms with a bath made up the second floor.

A. Donald Gray, one of Cleveland’s most noted landscape architects, planned the grounds in the manner of English gardens with an oval garden to the left of the house, a patio to the south, and a garden with a pool to the west. Each room offered a view of the English gardens. A triangular lot to the rear of the house contained the fruit and vegetable garden.

Like many homes of this period, it had a front and back stairway leading to the two maid's rooms. The basement had space for the preservation of fruits and vegetables.

Frederick H. and Anne Goff Jr. occupied the home starting around 1983.

William H. Goff occupied the home starting around 1998.

Fifth Derivative LLC acquired the home on October 30, 2006.